Virulite Cold Sore Light: C’mon, Could It Really Work?

Virulite Sold Sore LightIf you’ve never heard of the Virulite Cold Sore Light, well you can be forgiven for being skeptical.  And like Compeed, this one is also from the UK.  For those that are new it sounds a bit crazy: A device that claims to reduce healing time in half by shining light on your cold sore.

Light can help heal cold sores?

Well, turns out not just any light.  The Virulite uses a 1072 nm narrow waveband light, which it claims is the most effective slice of the spectrum to heal cold sores and boost the immune system.   They also make the claim that if used at the “tingling” stage, the Virulite even abort a cold sore eruption.  So, any truth to this?

In 2001, a randomized double-blind study was conducted comparing the cold sore healing time in days between a 5-minute application of this 1072 waveband light against Aciclovir cream.  The study can be found at the US National Library of Medicine’s website:

A double-blind study is simply one where both the subjects as well as the experimenters do not know who belongs to the study group and who belongs to the control group.  These studies are often more reliable as they nearly eliminate subjective bias.  Only after the tests are complete do the experimenters learn which group is which.

The results of the study

So which one came out on top, the cream or the light?  Surprisingly, the study showed that “a single 5 min light treatment significantly reduced cold sore healing time by 4 days.”  What’s interesting about this is the study was not just testing the 1072 nm light against nothing-but an already established and effective cold sore cream.  A follow-up study in 2006 against a placebo showed the light reduced the healing time from 9.4 days (placebo) to 6.3 days (Virulite).  In addition, the study showed that the time it took the cold sore to form the crust went from 3 days to 2-a 33% improvement.

The conclusion was that, “the significant difference in healing times demonstrates that the Virulite CS device is an effective means of treating herpes labialis.”

Worth a try, certainly.  So where can you get the Virulite?  All over the web you’ll find affiliated sites selling it for $99 but through this link we’ve found (when in stock) to be the best deal.  They only have one source vendor-and they sell through rather quickly.  Not sure if you can backorder or not.  For reviews, check out Amazon’s page for Virulite.

Treat Cold Sores: Our Cold Sore Free eBook Review

Cold Sores are truly a painful condition to deal with. They are embarrassing and makes your social life miserable. And, by now, you probably have been frustrated constantly searching to find a simple and effective remedy to treat cold sores. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to reduce the number of breakouts you have each year and quickly take care of them when you do.

This is a review of Derek Shepton’s Cold Sore Free Forever.  Click here if you are just looking for the official website.

Cold Sore Free Review:  What Do You Get and What’s Inside the Ebook?

Cold Sore  Free Forever is a bit different than any product you may have tried previously. It contains a holistic, natural approach that will finally take control of those painful and unsightly outbreaks without using medication that can hurt your already stressed immune system just when you need it the most.
In just a short time after you start applying the steps in Cold Sore Free Forever you will begin to see the healing properties of your freshly healed skin. Your self-confidence will rise and you’ll certainly be more comfortable spending time with family and friends.


  • No drugs – A totally natural cure

The techniques involved in the program are entirely natural. There are actually no over-the-counter medicines or topical creams with this program. You begin to learn a new way of altering  your body chemistry in such a way to ensure that herpes simplex virus never gets a chance to come out of dormancy. If you follow the directions step by step and absolutely to the letter, you may see a large reduction in the number of outbreaks.

The program highlights ingredients and suggestions that are inexpensive and easy to find at your local grocery store. A lot of the items you’ll require could be bought in a health-food store, like Whole Foods Market. The program is created to really crank up your overall body health and immune system, so the ingredients that are used are the things that your body needs to stay balanced in the first place. The instructions in this guide are stated very clearly, and they’re incredibly easy to follow.

  • Treating Cold Sores the Holistic Way

Since this is a holistic approach to managing your herpes simplex virus, you’ll be taught what type of foods and behaviors will keep you healthy overall. If your body is in a natural state, it won’t must produce symptoms like cold sores, which is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. When you only treat the HS1V with topical methods like creams, according to the ebook,  you by no means get down to the actual root issue that causes the herpes simplex virus to flare up in the first place.

  • You get to see the results instantly
One of the best features of the ebook is that you can jump right in to it and get going.  However, we recommend that you read the entire book before you settle on a cold sore treatment program. The book definitely helps you understand all facets of the cold sore virus. For example, in Chapter 2 you learned the fact that the herpes simplex virus does not thrive in oxygen rich environments. Oxygenation therapy is discussed in detail.  This is just one of many solutions in Cold Sore Free Forever.

Perhaps one of the most interesting chapters is the last one. A method/technique called DMSO, or using Dimethyl Sulfoxide is discussed, and along with the oxygenation therapy these form some really revolutionary cold sore treatment options. Cold Sore Free Forever also goes into great length to teach you how to boost your immune system, how to avoid trigger foods, and other techniques that can help you control your disease.

  •  It has a 60-day money back guarantee-no questions asked.
Cold Sore Free Forever is sold through the Clickbank website-the largest and oldest electronic publishing company online.  They offer an unconditional, no hassle return policy for 60 days which give you plenty of time to see if you get fast results.


  • Okay, so what’s BAD about it?
The only downside you may find with Cold Sore Free is possibly the size.  It’s easy to dive in but it offers multiple solutions and most cold sore sufferers are just looking for that quick remedy.  That’s why we recommend reading the whole book and finding the solution that works for your cold sores.  You may have to do a few tests, but in the end we think we’d rather have too much information than not enough.
And the end of the day you have to decide whether you are going to just continue to let cold sores just happen or take some action.  It’s up to you.  For less than the price of two tubes of Abreva at Wallgreens (and a full money back guarantee, no less) you can have solutions that will last you a lifetime.  That sounds to us like it’s worth a try.

Want to find out more? Click here to download the book >>

Treat Cold Sores: Ever Heard of Compeed? Yeah, Neither Had We

If you live in the US, you may never have heard of Compeed. Their cold sore patches have been apparently available in Europe for years, but they’re virtually unknown in the States.

Marketed by Johnson & Johnson under one of their Consumer Brands, Compeed has a great, smack-your-head-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that product: Cold sore bandaids.

It’s an interesting approach to treating cold sores: cover up the sore with a transparent, small healing patch (containing Hydrocolloid-075) and let it heal naturally while out of sight.  Compeed offers two versions of the patch: a daytime version and a TOTAL CARE™ Night Cold Sore Patch.  The nighttime version contains something called Tanacetum PFE which is supposed to prevent irritation and soothe the skin.

It sounds like such a great way to treat cold sores, but does it work?  We scoured the net and our research came up with a ton of positive reviews.  Both on forums and shopping sites, Compeed has gotten quite a good amount of praise as a cold sore remedy.  The small (around 1cm) clear patch is replaced every 8 hours or so and provides a barrier to the outside world from your sore.  Makeup or powder could be applied to the top of the patch which would hide the sore even further while it heals.

The User’s Response

Treat Cold Sores Compeed

Cutting through the hype, the majority of actual users stated it did in fact help their sores heal faster and hurt less.  Several stated that it was their go-to cold sore treatment and as long as they applied a patch as soon as they felt the familiar tingle the sore was gone in much less time.  One reviewer said it immediately made the sore grow smaller and it did not develop the dry scab as usual.  He said it was the best OTC cold sore remedy he had ever tried, which included Abreva and Herpecin-L.

We did find several drawbacks, however, and although minor we should mention them.  Nearly all the reviews we found for Compeed did acknowledge that the patches were not entirely invisible, but from a distance they did hide the sore.  Many mentioned they had a tendency to come off after drinking liquids, too, and a new one would need to be applied.

One last drawback was the price and availability.  For whatever reason, J&J does not sell them in drugstores or pharmacies in the U.S. so they are hard to find here.  If you live in the U.K. they are a cinch to find for around $15, but in the good ol’ USA a box could run you around $30+.

The Verdict

However, despite those drawbacks it’s hard to not give Compeed our recommendation.  The number of satisfied users certainly outweighed any of our negatives.  At the very least, users loved the idea of shielding the sore and eliminating cross-contamination to anything coming in contact, like lipstick or other makeup.  Most felt the patch did a very good job of hiding the scab itself which made them more confident to get on with their lives.  Compeed gets our vote to treat cold sores.

Update: now carries Compeed in a 15-pack box. Check out the prices. Estimate one box for one outbreak.  They also offer shipping discounts on larger quantites.


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